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Leia Organa
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Player: Jordan
Canon: Star Wars
Canon Point: Post Episode VI
Alignment: Thras
Date of Entry: 05/05/2016

Contact: [plurk.com profile] compoundeyes
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Leia Organa

Height; 4'11". She's a short one.
Weight; I'd say around 95~100 lbs, but leaning closer to the 95 side? She's short and very much on the thin side, and also probably didn't take the best care of herself throughout the conflict with the Empire. As in, she's often too busy that she forgets to eat. She's been taking better care of herself here, though, thanks to there being considerably less stress and her personal habits being more easily noticed by other people.
Visual; She's short, pale, thin, and often has her hair braided up in some ridiculous fashion. It's usually either braided down on her head like this, or braided in loops like the image here. Space buns, sadly, aren't really a thing she wears too often anymore. Anything more complicated than the looped braids is incredibly uncommon, merely because there's no droids or anyone here to help with that, and she can't always take five hours to braid her hair. She has a few scars--particularly one on her left shoulder where she was hit with a blaster bolt and wound up here before she could get it actually treated back home--but they're almost always covered up by clothing.

Fashion; She favors lighter colors in general, and often doesn't wear much in terms of jewelry or accessories. Occasionally she'll wear something in her hair, or a loose simple sort of necklace, but nothing too extravagant. She's a meticulous sort of dresser, and always looks neat and put together, with the exception of when she's at home and not intending to leave the house, where she'll let herself be more relaxed in dress. In general, she prefers to wear pants, because they're more practical than dresses, and practicality in dress is something she's gotten accustomed to over the past few years. She does wear makeup, but it's generally simple and more of a natural look than anything, both in terms of what's on her face and what's on her nails. She prefers solid colors rather than anything with a pattern, though she will wear items that have like lace decorations on them. Her clothing isn't SUPER expensive, but it's on the nicer end of what's available in Verens. She also doesn't wear much of anything that's tight on her neck, be that turtleneck shirts, or tight jewelry. You can thank Kylo Ren for that, because she doesn't like most things touching her neck now. In general, she wears shoes similar to these, although usually with smaller, more practical heels. You know, just in case. Pants like this (albeit a bit less baggy), and tops like this are common pieces for her.  

Demeanour; Leia carries herself with confidence and model posture. She's been raised to do that, as much as she may have disliked all those princessly etiquette classes. If she's in a good enough mood, she walks gracefully. If she's in a bad mood, then she sort of... stomps around and isn't afraid to get up in someone's space, all those princess etiquette classes forgotten. Her body language generally is friendly and gracious, but still distant. She crosses her arms in front of her a lot, and keeps at a respectful distance if the character is someone Leia doesn't know that well. The better she knows someone, the more open her demeanor is.

Aural; Leia speaks with confidence. Very rarely does she let on if or when she's feeling anything less than that, and her tone is often even and self-assured. She's been taught for her entire life how to speak and carry herself in a manner befitting a princess, senator, and leader in a rebellion. She's good at coming up with inspiring speeches and inspiring a confidence similar to her own in others. Her tone can be biting and cruel, but most of the time she's kind and caring, if a bit distant. She'll only really stammer if she's really caught off guard and enraged, because that sort of situation causes her to slip on that well-trained speaking talent mentioned before. Her voice is in the middle as far as pitch goes? Not too high, nor too low, but if she's yelling or something, obviously it's going to go higher. Her accent is standard, but a bit on the more high class side? She's been raised as royalty, so her accent reflects all those fancy speaking classes, and as a result, she sounds very educated, and very much like she knows what she's talking about most of the time. In general, she speaks more formally around people she doesn't know that well, and relaxes her speech as she gets to know someone better. 

Olfactory; In general, she smells good! Probably some light, slightly flowery sort of perfume, whether it's actually from perfume or perfumed deodorant or something. Nothing extreme or overpowering.

Etc; She has a lightsaber! She doesn't show it off often, but she has it because she doesn't have a blaster here and doesn't want to be unarmed with the Galaxy's Worst Dad wandering around here. The blade is yellow, and it looks like this 

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May. 5th, 2016 08:19 pm
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Apr. 18th, 2016 08:59 pm
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Player: Jordan
Contact: [plurk.com profile] compoundeyes
Age: 25
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Leia Organa
Age: Like 23ish? Time is weird in Star Wars, so there's nothing specific mentioned, but somewhere around 23.
Canon: Star Wars
Canon Point: End of ROTJ

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